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Satan is the Mal’akh [Angel/Messenger] of YHWH

I laugh sometimes when I speak to the Christians; they hold that Satan is the antithesis and antagonist against YHWH. However, careful study of Tanakh will reveal to the reader that YHWH, the Mal’akh [messenger] of YHWH and Satan are … Continue reading

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Male and Female He created them

I find it absolutely amazing that the first woman was named Hawwah. Mitochondrial DNA is passed only from mother to child; mitochondria is the powerhouse of all living cells. Without mitochondrial DNA, no life would be possible. Bereshith 1, 27 … Continue reading

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The Pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton [יהוה]

The pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton [YHWH] has been hotly debated for the last two centuries. Many linguists, scholars, and theologians have tackled this topic with less than unanimous agreement on the pronunciation. For the most part, these great men have promoted pronunciations … Continue reading

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