The Egyptian Background of the Exodus

MoshehThis is a project I am working on regarding the Egyptian setting of the Exodus; this is a section in which I explained the naming of Mosheh (AS). I had to make a screenshot since WordPress has no Hieroglyphic formating.

This is still in the rough draft stage, so pardon any mistakes in grammar.

About Ya'aqov ben Yisrael

I am simply a man with questions and trying to figure out the answers; my greatest joys are found in the study of Torah: its language and exegesis.
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1 Response to The Egyptian Background of the Exodus

  1. avraham says:

    This is really interesting. It never did seem reasonable to me that a Hebrew was raised in the house of Pharoah to be prince or that she could come and bring a child with no husband to complain about what is going on.

    You will also appreciate this regarding Egyptian background of tefillin:
    This is my blog

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